What’s at stake:

Integrating all patient data and information through Artificial Intelligence to develop the best care pathways, thereby significantly reducing costs while increasing quality and accessibility for patients.  This is the ambitious challenge of the ReMedIA project (Open Network of Expertise in Systems Medicine through AI).

Brief description :

The aim of ReMedIA is to exploit the numerous biological (DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites, etc.), clinical (imaging, functional assessments, etc.), environmental and psycho-social data that will be available in order to build predictive models based on Artificial Intelligence and to apply them to the development of better screening, better diagnoses and better treatment plans. This will also allow for a more effective involvement of the patient in the therapeutic choices thanks to the explicitness of the models.

In order to effectively deploy this approach, the ReMedIA initiative will be constituted as a de facto association through a pact of understanding linking all the key players in the field in the Walloon Region, based on existing tools (Biowin, Patient Numérique,, etc.). A portfolio of 8 projects will cover the entire field. ReMedIA will thus constitute a hub of innovation allowing the translation of the best research results into clinical practice and the efficient organisation of data collected in hospitals but also through cohorts in Wallonia and the integration of these cohorts into major international initiatives.

Partners already identified:

Identification Acronym Type of partner
Coordinator :
UCLouvain University
Partners :
ULB University
ULiège University
UMons University
UNamur University
Multitel Accredited Research Centre
Cetic Accredited Research Centre
Cliniques de Mont Godinne University Hospital
CHU Sart Tilman University Hospital
Clinique d’Ottignies NPO (Hospital)
Grand Hôpital de Charleroi (GHdC) NPO (Hospital)
Clinique Le Beau Vallon Psychiatric Hospital
CurePath NPO
Pôle Hospitalier de Jolimont NPO
Biowin, Competitiveness cluster in the Walloon Region, biotech and medical technology NPO


Project status :

Submitted in November 2021 in the framework of a Strategic Innovation Initiative (Initiative d’Innovation Stratégique) sponsored by the Walloon Government; open to collaborate on similar initiatives at European level.